Our Mission

Peace of Mind is a mission-driven organization. We operate as a nonprofit organization as we wait for our 501c3 status to be approved.  Our mission is to:

  • Encourage and support the comprehensive integration of mindfulness-based social and emotional learning in schools nationwide to improve student well-being and create kinder, more inclusive school climates.
  • Create, nurture and support a coalition of educators, administrators, parents and others to advance the integration of mindfulness-based SEL programs in DC area schools.
  • Develop, produce and share The Peace of Mind Program, including curricula, storybooks, and resources for students, teachers and parents.   We ensure The Peace of Mind Program is grounded in our own deep in-classroom experience of what works, reflects our own ongoing learning, and is supported by current research.  

Because we believe…

  • Now more than ever, it is critical to teach our children the skills to manage their emotions, develop compassion for themselves and others, and to solve conflicts peacefully.   
  • Mindfulness is the essential foundation for students’ acquisition and mastery of social and emotional skills and conflict resolution tools.   
  • Children who develop the habits of mindfulness and compassion toward themselves and others are able to engage more fully in learning.
  • Teaching school-wide mindfulness-based social and emotional learning may be the only effective solution to eliminating bullying and violence in our schools.  
  • The most effective mindfulness-based SEL programs are comprehensive, school-wide, year-after-year programs that are integrated into the entire school building.   These programs can have transformative effects on school climate and student happiness.
  • In-classroom experience matters as the foundation for an effective curriculum.  It is important to us that our curricula, storybooks and materials are based on what we have seen work for our students over the past decade, and what is working in other schools as well as current research.
  • When professional educators bring their own passions, experience and perspective to this work, it grows stronger.  Peace of Mind is one good starting point for this journey.
  • We must model what we teach.  We strive to work mindfully with focus, compassion, empathy, and the intent to make common cause with others.

Ultimately, our vision is….

  • Educators, Parents and Community organizations work together to support mindfulness-based SEL in schools so that positive school climates become the norm and bullying and school violence become the rare exceptions.
  • All students in our schools learn to practice a form of mindfulness in order to be able to notice and manage their emotions, are supported in developing their capacities for kindness and empathy toward themselves and others, and are able to solve conflicts peacefully.
  • Educators feel supported in bringing mindfulness-based social and emotional learning to their students in a way that works best for them.

Peace of Mind is a mission-driven non-profit organization (501c3 pending).

To learn more about Peace of Mind in action, check out these three videos

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